If You Are After a Quality Road Bike, Here Are Three of the Absolute Best

The best road bikes usually come into their own during this time of year. Spring and summer is the best time road cyclists to remove the dust from their chamois shorts, give their bike a good clean, and clock up some road miles. I have been cycling for well over a decade now and if I do not cycle at least three times a week then I start to feel that there is something missing from my life. If you are thinking about taking up cycling seriously, then you obviously need a great bike for the road. Below I will provide you with some of the best road bikes on the market, and they are very affordable.

Specialized Roubaix Sport


This bike is named after the challenging Paris to Roubaix Race. It comes equipped with a Future Shock 1.5 cartridge, which gives it an impressive bar movement that helps to soak up those bumps in the road. It has been integrated very well into the saddle to ensure a smarter look. The headset and frame are a bit chunky, but it honestly does not feel like a heavy bike and the oversized elements are needed to hold the clever suspension system. The wheels are DT R470 wheels which allows for plenty of speed and the Fact10r frame is pointy and stiff, which transfers power through to the wheels. We must say that the brakes and Shimano 105 gearing system is a bit stingy for the price of the bike, but what you are really paying out for is the amazing frame. In my opinion, this is a bicycle that does not punish the wrists, spine, and behind like other bikes do, which is always a good thing. If you want to buy this bike, then it set you back around $2,500, but that is a very good price for such a machine.

Canyon CF SL Disc 8.0


This is one of the sharpest, raciest, and fastest bikes that you will find on the market at this moment in time. It mixes one of the best aero-test frames with a carbon integrated cockpit, giving this bike fighter jet levels on the road. Now, you might think that such a bike will cost at least $5,000, but you can actually pick it up for around $3,500. Now I know that this is still a lot of money, but for what you are getting it is still great value for money. This bike comes with some fascinating brakes, which will allow you to come to a complete halt in a matter of seconds. Due to the shape of this bike, if you are riding it you will have to adopt a tucked-up riding style in order to get the most out of your ride. Overall, though, this bike is an absolute weapon.

Canyon Roadlite CF 8.0


If you are looking for something a little bit cheaper, then you should definitely take a look at this bike. Now, you might have a look at this bike and think there is something a bit odd about it and that is that it is not technically a road bike. It is what people like to call a fitness bike. However, I feel that is a very stupid name for something that is basically a road bike that has flat pedals (you can even change these if you like) and flat bars. If you are thinking about cycling to work, then I cannot think of any option that is better than this. The frame and the saddle provide you with great comfort and awareness and when you put your foot to the pedal, you will be able to reach speeds that are similar to those that you can reach on the best road bikes. The bike comes equipped with a fantastic braking system, so you do not need to worry about going too fast and not being able to stop. So, how much will this bike cost you? Well, it will cost you about $1,800, which is absolute steal if you ask me.